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I was born into a the city of brotherly love. (Philadelphia, PA)

I was given a name (Crystal Rovél Torres),

My elders came from rich & indigenous places that run through my veins today.  (Puerto Rico, Italy)

I live in a city of Angels where everyone likes to shine. (Los Angeles, CA)

At times, I myself have been known to fill radio waves & orbit the earth, shining with other stars, for all the world to see.

(Beyonce, Jay-z, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Lopez, Stalley, Alejandro Sanz)

While all of these moments in time are beautiful,  I am not those moments.

I am not my body, my face, my belongings, my age, my opinions, my fears, my emotions, my defeats, my successes, my imperfections, my past, my future or my current state.

I am tiny pieces of inspiration.  I am the people who I love and those who have loved me.

I  am infinite energy…… and so are you.
Just like you I am part of one whole.
Just like you, I can not be created or destroyed. 

I am a Ray of Violet Eternal Light.. ….. I am R.Ø.V.É.L.

Music is my muse.  Love and Gratitude are my guides.

I may be found writing songs or playing different instruments,

(vocals, trumpet, piano, music programming, studio production) 

… but really, I AM the instrument.


   My purpose is to create songs, sounds, words, art, live performances & give service to others

… in hopes that you may be inspired to create less fear and more love .

...for we are ALL more powerful and connected than we could ever imagine.