No End.... No Beginning

In a hectic world of constant motion, American singer -songwriter & musician, RØVÉL,
(pronounced ROW-VELL), reaches for stillness inside the blurs of life's uncertainties with her debut, "Infinity”.  

While traveling the world "On the Run"with pop icons Beyonce and Jay-Z,  the bicoastal songstress RØVÉL, found her moments of peace in hotel rooms and tour buses, by masterfully blending crunchy rock guitars, acoustic pianos, delicate vocals & gritty drums with timeless storytelling until her artistic vision was brought to life.  The self-produced indie pop, "INFINITY" invites you on a journey of reflection, self discovery and acceptance to find your own infinite potential.

A picture of stillness within chaos, "Infinity" is RØVÉL's sonic celebration of the common threads that connect humanity: our desire to belong, the power of realizing our deepest dreams, and most of all, the capacity to love ourselves and each other.

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