Jhene Aîko - “Souled Out”

   article courtesy: http://www.directlyrics.com/jhene-aiko-souled-out-complete-album-lyrics-news.html


article courtesy: http://www.directlyrics.com/jhene-aiko-souled-out-complete-album-lyrics-news.html

Ever since she released “The Worst”, American has fallen in love with Jhené Aiko. The 26-year-old LA-born singer-songwriter – of Japanese mother and African-American father – released late last year her debut EP “Sail Out”, and in only a few days the Def Jam-signed rising star will drop her full-length debut album "Souled Out" - to be precise, on September 9th. The album release will be preceded by two official singles; "To Love & Die" and the most-recent "The Pressure" - whose music video you can watch here.

On “Souled Out”, Jhené worked with producers such as: No I.D, Key Wane, Fisticuffs or Dot Da Genius. There’s only one collaboration on the album and that’s “Pretty Bird” with rapper Common. Aiko’s “Sail Out” EP was filled with duets, so I find it a bit surprising she only wanted Common to appear on the album. We all had hopes a new Drake collaboration would be included! Maybe for a future re-release?

Jhené Aiko’s “Souled Out” album will have three versions. The standard and the deluxe, featuring 12 and 14 tracks respectively, and the Target exclusive version which will carry two bonus tracks.


...Enjoy the trumpet sounds of Crystal Rovél Torres in the track below, "Brave".